Over the years, the general level of love, care and the highest degree of knowledge of all of the staff has been invaluable comfort and it’s wonderful that Cave care so much about the human family members as well.

Wayne Cullen
Prep room

Prep room

  • Climate controlled
  • ICU area for post-operative recoveries and intensive care patients
    • Full height walk- in kennel able to accommodate the largest of breeds comfortably
    • Large orthopaedic bedding
    • Piped oxygen
    • Patient side advanced monitoring equipment
    • One of our qualified nursing staff constantly monitoring each patient
  • 4 self-contained Anaesthesia induction stations, including advanced monitoring equipment
    • ECG
    • Capnography
    • Gas Monitoring
    • Invasive and Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
    • Pulse Oximetry
  • Patient warming devices
  • Piped oxygen and Active Scavenging