Over the years, the general level of love, care and the highest degree of knowledge of all of the staff has been invaluable comfort and it’s wonderful that Cave care so much about the human family members as well.

Wayne Cullen
Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Cave Veterinary Specialists is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive service, fully supported by a team of Veterinary Nurses and Specialist Veterinary Surgeons.

We are happy to see any cat or dog with internal medicine problems, referred to us by veterinary surgeons. We endeavour to avoid ‘waiting lists’ and will make additional appointments as required. We are very well equipped to deal with patients presenting with a wide variety of problems including:

  • Gastrointestinal conditions – Both Acute and Chronic
  • Endoscopy – Endoscopy guided biopsy, retrieval of foreign bodies, oesophageal strictures, upper & lower gastrointestinal
  • Anaemia - IMHA, Tranfusions
  • Bleeding problems – Liver dysfunction, thrombocytopenia
  • Nasal disease - Aspergillosis, diagnostics, MRI, Endoscopy/ CT
  • Liver Disease – Any type of Hepatitis and biliary investigations
  • Endocrine problems – Simple or Complex
  • Oncology – Diagnosis, staging and chemotherapy
  • Other medical – Respiratory, PUO

We also welcome any patient that does not readily fall into the usual categories, which often occurs with medical problems!

During our standard 60 minute consultation we will review the clinical information available and results of diagnostic tests (laboratory work and imaging studies) performed prior to referral (from referring practice), take a detailed history and perform a physical examination. We will then establish a problem list and prioritised plan with the owner. Many medical cases will be admitted for further investigations and we provide 24 hour care during any periods of hospitalisation.

Upon being discharged from the hospital each owner will be provided with written instructions by either the clinician or a veterinary nurse. Patients may also be discharged when we are awaiting diagnostic test results If this is the case we will telephone clients with results and discuss further treatment or diagnostic tests.

Our veterinary nurses play a very important role in the internal medicine team, not only by caring for our patients but also by providing invaluable assistance during diagnostic procedures such as endoscopy and ultrasonography. This combination of expertise skill and the specialist facilities enables us to see a full range of cases from routine to acute critical illnesses.

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