• Prep Room | Cave Veterinary Specialists

Our hospital in Somerset has a large, state-of-the-art prep room, which is directly connected to the theatres and diagnostic suites. It is used specifically for critical care and anaesthesia induction/recovery and includes an ICU for critical patients with oxygen support, nebulisation, defibrillation and advanced patient-side monitoring equipment.

prep room facilities at Cave Vets

  • ICU area for post-operative recoveries and intensive care patients
    • Full-height walk-in kennel to accommodate the largest of breeds
    • Orthopaedic bedding
    • Patient-side advanced monitoring equipment
    • One-on-one monitoring of patients during recovery
  • 4 self-contained anaesthesia induction stations, including advanced monitoring equipment
    • ECG
    • Capnography
    • Blood-gas monitoring
    • Invasive and Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
    • Pulse oximetry
  • Patient warming devices
  • Active Scavenging