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Our ward facilities are designed to be especially spacious and patients are always cared for by a team of qualified veterinary nurses supported by animal care assistants. At Cave Vet Specialist we have 24-hour care on-site.

hospitalisation facilities at Cave Vets

Our modern, spacious, specially-designed hospitalisation facilities in Somerset provide a safe environment for your cats and dogs to be cared for by a team of qualified nurses, assisted by the animal care team. The hospital has round-the-clock care, with qualified veterinary nurses on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The on-duty nurses are supported by the clinicians and animal care assistants. The team are able to provide gold-standard care and treatment to all the patients that need to be hospitalised, whether it’s during a weekday, weekend or bank holiday. 

Cave has a fantastic team of RCVS registered nurses experienced in all aspects of critical care and nursing of both surgical and medical patients. The Animal Care Assistants provide support to the nurses by helping with feeding, grooming, walking and providing one-on-one attention for the patients.  

Cave has two dog wards, a cat ward, an intensive care/recovery ward and an isolation ward.


Dog Ward

The dog wards are climate-controlled and contain a dedicated shower area and plenty of room for rehabilitation exercises. Spacious walk-in kennels provide even the largest dogs with plenty of space to comfortably move around and also allow for dogs of a more nervous disposition (or those staying for longer-term care) to have plenty of space to recuperate in. Electronic hoists are used to support large dogs unable to walk as a result of neurological disorders.  

Cat Ward

The dedicated cat ward allows our feline patients to be cared for in as stress-free a manner as possible, with special consideration being given to cats not being able to see each other in adjacent cages and the practice of cat-friendly handling techniques, including the use of pheromone diffusers. The cat ward has its own climate control in order to make it as comfortable as possible for our feline inpatients, and bespoke cat scales are available to make weighing procedures easier.  

Isolation Ward

Our isolation ward is self-contained and situated away from heavily-trafficked areas of the hospital, minimising the risk of transmission of contagious diseases from one inpatient to another. It has its own food and medication preparation area and a variety of kennels. A dedicated area for the walking of isolated patients is also available, ensuring they can still have access to the outdoors and fresh air to exercise in. 

Intensive Care Ward

The intensive care ward at Cave Veterinary Specialist is used for patients recovering from surgery or procedures that require them to be closely monitored, plus the treatment of the sickest patients, ensuring they receive the best care possible. Oxygen kennels are available for patients needing oxygen therapy, and specialised patient-warming devices are provided for those patients unable to self-regulate their temperature. A fully-stocked 'crash cart’ is always on hand nearby, allowing optimal care of patients in the event of any emergencies. 

In addition, all kennels are lined with absorbent bedding, and orthopaedic beds are available for our older patients, or those with mobility issues.