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Cave Veterinary Specialists are happy to accept a wide range of orthopaedic cases from degenerative joint conditions to complex fractures and developmental disorders. We support clients through diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation, and ensure that referring vets are kept fully informed.

orthopedic surgery services at Cave VetsOur orthopaedic equipment

The hospital is well equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment including a 16 slice CT scanner, high field MRI scanner, arthroscopy, radiography and ultrasound.

Conditions we treat

We offer treatment for a large range of conditions including:

  • Cruciate disease: TPLO, closing wedge osteotomy, lateral fabellotibial suture.
  • Patella luxation: Tibial tuberosity transposition, trochlear block recession and assessment/treatment of femoral/tibial angular limb deformity if necessary.
  • Trauma cases: - Simple, complex and articular fracture management via internal and external fixation including minimally invasive repair, joint luxations, and wound care.
  • Angular limb deformities:  including custom 3D printed alignment guides and plates.
  • Severely diseased/damaged joints:Limb sparing procedures, arthrodesis.

We also offer diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy for conditions such as elbow dysplasia and OCD.

We take great care to ensure that owners remain fully informed at every stage of the referral process. During our initial consultations (up to one hour), we will discuss the pet’s condition, potential causes, treatment options, prognosis and estimated costs. Our specialists are happy to provide advice to referring vets over the phone or by email, as well as being available to speak to clients following consultation at any time.

What our clients say...

"Just to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with Dexter's broken leg, especially Malcolm who has been amazing the whole time, keeping us informed about everything that's been going on. Glad he was in such good hands at such a worrying time. Thank you all!"