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Anaesthesia services at Cave Vets

 Veterinary Anaesthetics

The department is led by specialist anaesthetists, with each patient having an individualised plan tailored to their specific needs following a comprehensive physical examination and taking into account their history, treatment, and temperament.

Every patient is monitored continuously by one of our registered veterinary nurses, under the supervision of one of the anaesthetists. Our anaesthetists have the latest monitoring equipment at their disposal, enabling them to deliver the highest standards of care in the most challenging of cases.

Our anaesthetists 

We are lucky at Cave to have a large team of specialist anaesthetists. This allows the anaesthetists to provide one on one care for critical cases, should it be required.


Provisions Include:

  • Advanced monitoring for critical patients with modern anaesthetic machines and ventilators
  • Nerve stimulator and ultrasound-guided local anaesthetic blocks for orthopaedic, soft tissue and neuro surgery
  • Individualised post-operative pain assessment and analgesic plan tailoring
  • Anaesthesia for interventional cardiology performed continuously by one anaesthetist and one nurse, specifically trained in the care and management of anaesthesia for interventional cardiology

Information on Local Anaesthetic Techniques

A guide to Sedation and General Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia FAQ's