I cannot thank enough every single person from Cave for the love, kindness, professionalism and thoughtfulness they have showed me and my rescue dogs over the years, it has made a crucial difference.

Debbie Lock


Peri Lau-Gillard offers a weekly dermatology clinic at Cave Veterinary Specialists and her aim is to provide an excellent service for clients, their pets and the referring veterinary surgeon. Her philosophy is to work hand in hand with the client and the referring veterinarian to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. This includes prompt feedback to the veterinarian on referred cases and individually tailored case management with appropriate follow-up appointments for each case and continued telephone advice and management for referred cases.

Peri welcomes referrals from dogs and cats with all sorts of dermatological problems including allergies, parasitic, infectious, claw and auto-immune skin diseases and disorders of hair loss, keratinisation or pigmentation. She has a particular interest in evaluating patients with ear disease. Their assessment commonly includes physical examination, ear cytology/culture, otoscopy and investigations for potential underlying dermatological diseases. If otitis media is suspected, advanced imaging using MRI or CT is available on-site to give full assessment of the middle ear cavity, facilitating a more precise prognosis. For those ear cases where medical management is unsuccessful or is not an option, surgical options can be discussed with our soft-tissue surgery service.

Other specialised diagnostic procedures that the dermatology service can offer include in-house skin and ear cytology, intradermal allergy testing, skin biopsies and interpretation of their histopathology. The dermatology service is also supported by colleagues in oncology and internal medicine.

The dermatology service is happy to give advice to veterinary surgeons about their dermatological cases either via phone or email. You’ll find a list of contact details below:

  • E-mail your query to info@cave-vet-specialists.co.uk.
  • Phone reception on 01823 653510 (Monday-Friday 9am-7pm). In case Peri is not available the receptionists will take a message and she will phone you back as soon as possible.
  • Fax your enquiries to 01823 652822 and she will contact you as soon as possible.

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