Over the years, the general level of love, care and the highest degree of knowledge of all of the staff has been invaluable comfort and it’s wonderful that Cave care so much about the human family members as well.

Wayne Cullen
Hospitalisation Facilities

Hospitalisation Facilities

We aim to minimise unnecessary hospitalisation for our patients by managing them as day cases where this is possible and appropriate. However many of the patients we see are very unwell and can sometimes require extended periods of hospitalisation. Our ward facilities are designed to be especially spacious and during hospitalisation patients are always cared for by a team of qualified veterinary nurses supported by animal care assistants. The nursing team is organised into day and night shifts so that if a pet requires nursing, medication, or a cuddle they will receive it at any time of the day or night. Owner visiting is encouraged for most patients and we always do our best to allow this at a time that suits the owner rather than prescribed visiting hours. Our nursing team are very caring and work hard to provide the best care to all our patients. 

Cat Ward

  • Separate climate-controlled ward for our cat patients located well away from our dog patients
  • Piped oxygen and oxygen cages
  • Electronic weighing scales suitable for our smaller patients
  • 24 hour care onsite with an onsite night nursing team.
  • Pheromone diffusers (FELIWAY) in use throughout the Feline hospitalisation facilities

Dog Ward

  • Climate controlled
  • Piped Oxygen
  • Spacious kennels with orthopaedic bedding
  • 24 hour care with an onsite night nursing team
  • Dedicated shower area
  • We have an electric hoist to support large dogs who are unable to walk as a result of neuromuscular disorders
  • Pheromone diffusers (ADAPTIL) in use throughout the canine hospitalisation facilities

Isolation Ward

  • Self-contained and situated well away from heavily trafficked area of the hospital
  • Independent climate control
  • Piped oxygen
  • 24 hour care with an onsite night nursing team
  • Food and Medication preparation area


Intensive Care

Some patients require intensive nursing care. We undertake this within our spacious prep room rather than within general wards so that patients can be monitored carefully. In some patients this requires constant monitoring by a qualified veterinary nurse. Intensive care patients often have complex nursing needs for nutrition, pain management, fluid therapy, and additional oxygen.