Neurology Experts pass on teaching at ECVN Conference in Poland

Two neurologists from a Somerset referral centre have passed on their learnings about advanced imaging techniques at an annual conference in Poland.

Simon Bertram and Sam Gilbert, from Cave Veterinary Specialists, near Wellington, attended the 2019 annual ESVN-ECVN symposium in Wroclaw, Poland, from September 13 to 15.

cave vets neurology experts in poland
Cave Veterinary Specialists neurologists, Simon Bertram and Sam Gilbert, at the ESVN-ECVN symposium in Poland

This year’s symposium was focused on advanced imaging in veterinary neurology, with topics including the optimisation of CT scans in the neurological patient and novel imaging sequences for brain and spinal MRI.
This was of special interest to Cave’s specialists as they have already utilised some of these techniques using its on-site CT and MRI machines, to improve diagnostic sensitivity and efficiency.

These include the case of a nine-year-old dog called Crumble, who belongs to one of Cave’s nurses and presented with severe pain and lameness affecting her left back leg.

An MRI scan of her spine did not reveal any obvious abnormalities but, concerned at the seriousness of her clinical signs, Simon performed an additional CT using the new scan parameters.

This identified a large piece of intervertebral disc material, which had moved sideways from its normal position and was wrapped around a large nerve leading to Crumble’s left back leg.

The disc material had gone so far sideways that it was outside the normal field of view of the MRI and could only be seen on the CT.
Simon performed a delicate surgery to expose the affected nerve and remove the abnormal disc material. Crumble felt better immediately and was discharged two days later.

Sam and Simon also presented their own research during the symposium, on the diagnostic utility of cerebrospinal fluid analysis in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy and research on cervical vertebral body malformations in French bulldogs.

Tom Cardy, co-clinical director at Cave Veterinary Specialists, said: “We strive to ensure our specialists are always aware about the most recent developments in veterinary medicine and always try to integrate and apply these advances into the treatment of our patients.”