VNAM 2021 – Meet our fantastic chemotherapy nursing team

Cave chemotherapy nursing teamThe chemotherapy nursing team at Cave Vets is made up of six nurses, Emma Bennett, Sophie Lee, Deborah Holland, Leonie McColl and Ria Walker, Alice Mills and one chemo assistant, Casey Weir.


We work closely with the medicine clinicians administering chemotherapy, assisting with check-ups and tests, dispensing medication and communicating with owners. Together we have gained many years of experience administering chemotherapy to dogs and cats and really thrive off giving each individual animal, as well as their owner, as comfortable and positive experience as possible.


Cave chemotherapy nurseEvery day there is a dedicated nurse alongside our chemo assistant, Casey, who is rostered on to a chemotherapy shift. Having a chemo assistant means the nurses can focus on delivering the chemo safely, whilst Casey ensures the animal feels as comfortable as possible, meaning we can build a strong bond with them and get to know their individual personalities. The oncology site is set up every morning prior to the clinician starting, so we can be as efficient as possible and the patients experience a smooth transition through their treatment. We have a fully stocked treat jar, as well as Kong’s and Licki-mats to keep our furry friends occupied and happy. After their treatment, we stay in regular contact with the owner, answering any queries we can and supporting them through their pet’s chemotherapy protocol, transferring them to the clinician when needed.

chemotherapy nursing team taking care of dogAfter discussion in our team, we all agree that some of our highlights of being part of the chemo team are that we all really enjoy seeing those patients who were once nervous to come in the building, now race to come inside, even if it does mean they just want the snacks! We also really love to hear from our previous clients about how well their pet is still doing and receiving photo updates of their day-to-day adventures.