VNAM 2021 – Meet our fantastic Neurology Nurses

Bryony Gilder Hello! My name is Bryony Gilder, I am the Senior Neurology Veterinary Nurse at Cave. I started in 2012 as a rotational nurse and while studying for a PGCert in small animal rehabilitation, soon learnt that neurology patients were who I wanted to care for the most!


Neurology is a great speciality for a varied job role! Patients in this discipline have diagnostic workups such as MRI and CT scans, require intensive hospital care including rehabilitation and many even require complex surgeries. Therefore, being in a team that cares for these patients is very hands-on and highly rewarding. It is also an area where RVNs can expand their knowledge and skill set – the opportunities are endless!


My favourite aspect of my job is the care and rehabilitation of the patients. I am able to utilise the skills that I learnt from the PGCert and it’s so rewarding to see the patients improve and go home to their families. I have also been able to expand my skills by completing a veterinary acupuncture course and I am currently working towards an American qualification called a VTS in Neurology.


Sarah AppletonHowever, I could not do my job alone and I am very grateful for the other amazing members of my team. Sarah Appleton, one of our anaesthesia nurses has this to say about her role with the neurology patients:


“Being an anaesthesia nurse, I am involved in all disciplines within the hospital, but neurology is by far my favourite area! We get to work with very complex cases including spinal and brain surgeries, something I never got to experience before referral nursing. This has driven me to study and excel my knowledge in the complications and approach to anaesthesia for these patients and hope to publish a paper soon. Two years ago, I had never used a ventilator before and now I am able to set up and use them confidently as well as teach other nurses. I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing team, the support and encouragement is what makes us our cave family.”


Jordan NorthoverJordan Northover joined the Cave team in 2019 and quickly found an interest in neurology. As well as guiding the patients through their workups, surgery and inpatient care, Jordan has also learnt how to run our onsite MRI scanner.  Here is what she has to say:


“I started at Cave three years ago as a surgery and neurology nurse. I hadn’t been involved in neurology patients before this and quickly learnt that this is where my interest lies. Becoming part of the neurology team at Cave has enabled me to increase my knowledge and understanding on how to nurse these patients. I have expanded my skills by learning how to run the MRI scanner and the neurology team have given me help and support to get my first article published on a neurology case study seen and treated at Cave.”