Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month post celebrates Leigh-Anne Buse and Laura Allday

Today’s Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month post celebrates the work of our night owls, Leigh-Anne Buse and Laura Allday!


Leigh-Anne Buse

At Cave, there is a dedicated night team of veterinary nurses and animal care assistants on every shift. Extra nurses are also on call to provide additional care as required and to help with any emergency admissions.


This ensures each animal receives the highest level of care throughout the entirety of their stay.

On night duty, it is essential that you are a great team player, to work well within the smaller team as well as being proficient at working autonomously. Communication is essential and enables the team to help with each other’s cases when necessary.

Laura Allday


Due to the unpredictable nature of the caseload, you need to be flexible and adaptable to different situations and have a broad and continuously updating knowledge base to care for the wide variety of cases seen here.

The quieter overnight environment and the fact that the nurses work a run of shifts with the same patients enables us to really get to know them and provide the best possible nursing care for each as an individual.


We aim to make the hospital environment as relaxing and inviting as possible.