Clinical SupervisorBryony Gilder –  Clinical Supervisor


I love being a veterinary nurse as the opportunities within the profession are endless, the world is your oyster. This is my main drive for becoming a clinical coach so that I can help others reach their goals. Not only do I enjoy seeing others progress and expand their knowledge and skills, I also feel that it ensures that I maintain and improve my own. The veterinary industry is constantly evolving, it is our responsibility as members of the profession to evolve with it to ensure the best training for our future nurses and subsequently the best care for our patients.




Jordan Northover - Clinical SupervisorJordan Northover – Clinical Supervisor


Veterinary nursing can be very hard but rewarding. I wanted to become a clinical coach to give a student the best start possible to their career. Whilst I was training to become a veterinary nurse, I had the same clinical coach from start to finish, who was supportive throughout my whole journey. Having this bond made everything that much easier and I want to pass on everything I have learnt to give another student this same experience.



Sophie Lee - Clinical SupervisorSophie Lee – Clinical Supervisor


I wanted to become a clinical supervisor so that I could give somebody the same opportunity I had when I trained. I was lucky enough to have a very proactive and supportive coach so I wanted to be able to do that for someone else. I am lucky enough to have Anna as my student and have really enjoyed working as a team with her. I have been her clinical coach from the start of her training and I am really enjoying watching her develop as a nurse and grow in confidence.




Sophie Puzey – Clinical Supervisor

Sophie Puzey – Clinical Supervisor


I’m a huge believer that as nurses we should be progressive and always striving to be the best we can be! So having the opportunity to share these values with a new nurse is very exciting, I hope that as team of clinical supervisor we will be able to pass on our very own knowledge and skills collectively to shape the future of our new RVN’s!