Brachycephalic spinal stabilisation



3D-Printed Model Used in Surgery
An image of a 3D-printed model used in surgery.

Brachycephalic dogs such as the Pug and French bulldog often present with signs of spinal disease which can affect their continence and the ability to walk. Such conditions are often associated with vertebral malformations and instability of the vertebral column leading to damage of the spinal cord. Diagnosis is challenging and requires multimodal three-dimensional imaging including MRI and CT.


3D-Printed Model Used in Surgery
The screws are cemented together to form a rigid construct to protect the spinal cord.

In recent months the Cave Neurology team, consisting of three ECVN Diplomates, Tom Cardy, Simon Bertram and Fran Taylor-Brown, along with ECVN Specialist in training Sam Gilbert, have been performing a novel and extremely challenging surgery in a series of Pug dogs with vertebral malformations and spinal instability. The surgery involves the use of patient specific 3D printed spinal models and drill guides produced by Vet3D ( Using these intricate guides our team is able to optimally stabilise the vertebral column resulting in excellent outcomes in these dogs with many returning to a neurologically normal status.

We are one of the few centres to offer this surgery in the UK and are proud to be leading the field in this area.

You can read the full details here, via Vet Times ?