A much-loved dog from South Devon has amazed all by significantly outliving a cancer diagnosis that normally has a survival time of less than a year.

Eleven-year-old Pixie, a Jack Russell Terrier, is still battling strong two years after vets diagnosed her with multicentric lymphoma.


Nele Van den Steen, Internal Medicine Specialist at Cave, said: “The average survival time after diagnosis of multicentric lymphoma is about 11 months but Pixie is now reaching two years.”

Pixie’s cancer treatment at Cave has been chemotherapy-based, with ongoing support from diplomate in small animal internal medicine, Josh Hardwick.

Nele added: “Pixie’s a truly wonderful patient and we’re happy that the treatment has given her loving owner more time to spend with her.

“We firmly believe that every patient is an individual and needs to be cared for as such.”

Pixie’s owner, Kelly Vincent from South Brent, used to be a veterinary nurse and strongly suspected it was lymphoma when she noticed swollen lymph nodes in Pixie’s neck back in 2022.

Kelly said: “I was absolutely gutted. I try so hard to give my dogs the best of everything to keep them healthy, so it was a real shock.”

Kelly was concerned that Pixie might feel poorly from the side effects of chemotherapy but has lavished praise on Cave’s team, including the oncology and internal medicine vets, nurses and reception team, who have been so positive and supportive.

Kelly added: “I always feel like we are working together for Pixie’s benefit. The nurses are so incredibly kind that Pixie actually enjoys her treatment.

“Pixie is loving life. She is fit and energetic, and loves her long walks on Dartmoor, running around on nearby beaches and doing her agility classes.

“She’s also becoming quite a local celebrity and has been invited to many special occasions, including being a VIP (Very Important Pooch) at a friend’s wedding.”

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