VNAM 2021 – Meet our fantastic Ward Nurses

Cave veterinary fantastic Ward Nurses For today’s Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month blog, we’re introducing you to our fantastic wards nurses! They are Debbie Barnes, Georgina Wensley, Kim Kendall, Ria Walker, Sophie Lee, Yvette Clarke, Zoe Pearman, Alice Mills and Yasmin Fox.


We asked our nurses what they love about their jobs, and this is what they told us…


Ria Walker

“I really enjoy working as a team in wards. It’s really nice to be able to bounce ideas off each other when you’re trying to think of a solution to a problem. This is especially helpful on nights!


“Obviously it’s lovely to have help from the other wards nurses when you’ve got a lot of patients. Our head wards nurse and head nurse are really good at listening and implementing fresh ideas – they always ask for our opinion, so you really feel part of a team.”


Sophie Lee

“I really enjoy getting to know the patients over the course of a week and discussing their progress with the rest of the wards team and seeing them improve day-by-day. Working as a small team on wards means we can really get to know the patients and their individual personalities and create a strong bond with them.


“Between our team we can pass on key bits of information to ensure our patients receive the same standard of care 24/7. Our wards team is really strong and we are all passionate about giving the best possible care to the patients and working to a very high standard.”


Georgina Wensley

“The nurses who are on the wards team really are an inspiration to me. Their dedication and compassion to the inpatients are second to none. I love the ability of the team to adapt to changing situations, whether it’s a sudden influx of patients or change of condition of a specific inpatient.


“The nurses who work on wards truly are the definition of a team, I couldn’t ask for a better set of people to work with, especially when it’s busy and I’m feeling overwhelmed.”


Yasmin Fox

“Working in wards is one of my favourite areas as I love inpatient care. Seeing a patient slowly improving and knowing that the care you are giving is really making a difference is a great feeling. We have a great wards team which really helps on busy days as everyone supports each other to provide a high level of care.


“Alongside my nursing I also balance being Lead ACA. The animal care assistants are a vital part of the nursing team providing almost all the walks, lots of love and ensuring the practice is clean and tidy.”