Paralysed greyhound makes a full recovery

Truly inspiring blind greyhound makes full recovery after being paralysed.

A blind greyhound paralysed in a freak accident has made a complete recovery – in the process inspiring his owner to look at life completely differently.

Ralph - Blind Greyhound getting medical treatment

Three-year-old Ralph, a rescue dog who lives with his owner Alex Osborn near Malvern, underwent two emergency neck operations after running into a tree.

Ralph’s injuries were so serious he lost all movement in his legs and needed the lengthy, and highly complex, operations to give him any chance of standing again, let alone walking or running.

In addition to undergoing specialist-led surgeries, Cave implemented a multi-disciplinary approach which utilised the skills of its nursing and imaging teams to ensure Ralph received the utmost care.

As a result, Ralph’s road to recovery has amazed both Alex and the team at Cave, with the much-loved pet now able to walk and run freely again.

Greyhound Ralph outside with harness onSuch has been Ralph’s determination to beat the odds that Alex, who owns The Old Manor Stables, a five-star livery and competition stables, believes his beloved dog is happier than ever.

Alex, who himself has broken his back twice in riding accidents, said: “Ralph shouldn’t be here.

“He’s absolutely amazing and made me look at life completely differently. If he can overcome what he’s been through then it shows anything is possible.”

Ralph’s incredible recovery started when he was first rushed to his local vets, Avenue Veterinary Centre in Malvern, who then referred him for specialist treatment at Cave near Wellington.

Paralysed Greyhound Ralph walking with man in harnessUpon arrival at Cave, we provided a multidisciplinary approach to Ralph’s care, utilising the expert skills of its anaesthesia, neurology, nursing and rehabilitation teams.

A CT scan initially confirmed a spinal fracture before Ralph underwent two surgical procedures on the cervical vertebral column – one from above and from below.

Sabrina Gillespie, a European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology, said: “It is very unusual to perform two challenging surgeries on the cervical vertebral column from above and below.

“Ralph spent 10 days recovering at Cave and had regained movement in all limbs. Just one month following surgery, he was already starting to trot around independently.”

Blind Greyhound Ralph with Cave Vets teamKim Kendal, Wards Team Leader at Cave, said: “Everyone at Cave took Ralph to their hearts, not least the nursing team. He received round-the-clock care from our dedicated nurses who were determined to see him back on his feet.”

Tracy Down, Radiographer, added: “Using our CT imaging expertise, we were able to diagnose the extent of Ralph’s injuries and advise the best course of treatment, which has now seen him make a full recovery.”

Owner Alex added: “Both Avenue Veterinary Centre and Cave have been amazing. Just two months back at home and Ralph’s movement is back to normal. His unbelievable recovery has given me joy and also to others who have shared his positive experience.”

You can see video footage showing Ralphs time at Cave and his recovery here –