Tooth root removal for a cocker spaniel Jack

Jack, an 8-year-old cocker spaniel, snapped his tooth when he ran into something at high speed whilst out exploring on a walk.

From the outside, other than the missing tooth, nothing else was visible to his owner. However a dental radiography showed that he had a retained tooth root. Without this radiograph we wouldn’t have known the root was still there. This would have been a source of considerable oral pain, as well as being a site of possible future infection.

Jack was anaesthetised with our dentistry team and a full oral health assessment was performed. This included de-scaling and polishing, full mouth X-rays and charting of each tooth as well as extraction of the retained tooth root. The bottom radiograph shows the retained tooth root, whereas the top radiograph shows the root now extracted.

We’re pleased to report that Jack was back to his normal bouncy spaniel self within an hour of his procedure.

jack-tooth-xray-cave-vets              jack-tooth-op-cave-vets              jack-cocker-spaniel-tooth-op