Cave recruit more nurses to expert team

We’ve recently boosted our expert team by adding more veterinary nurses here at Cave

Left to right – Charlotte Forder, Bryony Gilder and Georgena Adamson.
Left to right – Charlotte Forder, Bryony Gilder and Georgena Adamson.

Two of our recent recruits are newly-qualified RVNs, and University of Bristol graduates, Georgena Adamson and Charlotte Forder.

Georgena and Charlotte’s arrival is part of Cave’s continuing commitment to a nationwide Post Registration Programme (PRP) which is aimed at guiding and nurturing new talent.

Cave’s Hospital Director Claire Lawrence said: “I am excited to welcome Georgena and Charlotte to

Cave where we’re proud to provide a supported and structured programme to introduce newly-registered nurses to the world of specialist referral care.

“It’s our second cohort of newly-registered nurses and our experience of PRP gives me confidence that we can provide a nurturing environment to build upon their day one skills and support them in the infancy of their referral nursing journey.”

Georgena said: “It was important to find a supportive, engaging team to help us continue our progression as newly registered nurses so we’re delighted to have joined Cave.

“The PRP gives us a guidance and a clear framework so that we can get the most out of our time here as we continue to develop our skills, continue to expand on our knowledge in areas of interest and even explore some new disciplines.”

Charlotte added: “So far our colleagues here at Cave have been very welcoming and encouraging as we enter the world of referral nursing.

“The PRP will give us a great start to our careers as we look forward to developing our futures with a more in depth understanding of potential specialities within referral nursing.”

Meanwhile, Bryony Gilder has been appointed as Head of Nursing Services (HoNS).

Bryony joined Cave as an RVN in 2012 and became part of the senior nursing team in 2017 where she gained experience in leadership as Senior Neurology Nurse and then Discipline Team Leader.

In her new position as HoNS, Bryony’s main objectives include continued engagement of the RVN and PCA teams as well as recognising individuals’ passions and development needs to deliver exceptional clinical standards and patient care.

Bryony is passionate about building on the brilliant foundation that already exists and is excited about leading such amazing teams.

Alongside her new role, Bryony has a passion for neurology nursing and is working towards a VTS in neurology. She also co-runs Cave’s monthly Nurse CPD Club.