Over the years, the general level of love, care and the highest degree of knowledge of all of the staff has been invaluable comfort and it’s wonderful that Cave care so much about the human family members as well.

Wayne Cullen

Case of the Month: Brooke - Stick injury

Brooke, the 1 year old Labrador was referred to Cave Veterinary Specialists for investigation of left-sided facial swelling near her left eye. She was on a walk a few days prior with her owners when Brooke cried out, a few days later they noticed swelling near her left eye. The swelling of her eye progressed and she became painful over the next 48-72 hours. Brooke was seen by our board-certified surgeon Heather Bancroft-Hunt. 

A CT Scan of her head was performed by our board-ceritfied Radiologist Phil Strom, the CT images revealed that Brooke had a retrobular abscess compressing the left eye with a suspected foreign body. 

Heather surgically explored the region and removed a 2cm stick from behind Brooke's left eye. It is thought that the stick penetrated the inner corner of her eye and became trapped causing an abscess. 

Fig 1: Stick Foreign Body - Red circle denotes position of stick

 Fig 2:  Abscess adjacent to the left eye



 The stick after it was removed