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pain management and rehabilitation services at Cave Vets

Increasing awareness of painful conditions

Painful conditions may affect dogs and cats is prompting many owners to seek management advice from their veterinary surgeon.

Pain clinic appointments are led by clinical anaesthetist James Hunt. From 2011 to 2017 he worked with the pain research group at the University of Bristol and has produced a number of publications in both perioperative and chronic pain in dogs and cats. He has recently co-authored the chapter on chronic pain within the BSAVA Guide to Pain Management in Small Animal Practice.

Pain management appointments

Initial appointments usually last for an hour, enabling a detailed overview of the case including client understanding and expectations, identification of primary and secondary painful foci, and consultation with colleagues in neurology, surgery, and medicine if appropriate. Dependent on informed owner wishes, further investigations may be advised with the referring veterinary surgeon, or within our specialist-led hospital.

Advice on appropriate pharmaceutical management of pain will be provided. In-clinic acupuncture and electroacupuncture may also be employed in appropriate cases. Environmental modifications, assessment of pain and welfare, and enrichment techniques will be addressed in order to maintain quality of life. Timely reports to primary veterinary surgeons and physiotherapists involved in managing cases are provided to optimise the team approach to managing these sometimes challenging cases.

Appointments are available weekly – Please call us on 01823 653510 for more information or to refer a case.

Recognising signs of pain in cats & Recognising signs of pain in dogs