Over the years, the general level of love, care and the highest degree of knowledge of all of the staff has been invaluable comfort and it’s wonderful that Cave care so much about the human family members as well.

Wayne Cullen

Case of the Month - Alfie-Jack (AJ)

Alfie-Jack (alias “AJ”) was referred as an emergency to our Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist Emma Roberts, as his owners had noted he had developed epistaxis (a nose bleed).Investigations into this detected that the cause of his nose bleed was due to thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), which was due to an aberrant response by his immune system.

Due to his very low platelet count, AJ started to bleed into this intestines and urinary tract and he became very anaemic. AJ required several blood transfusions due to his anaemia and was started on medication to suppress his immune system and stop it destroying his platelets.

Although it was touch and go for a few days, AJ's platelet count started to slowly increase and his bleeding resolved. After being in hospital with us for 7 days (and making lots of friends with all the staff!), AJ was able to be discharged home.

He came back in for a recheck one week later and we are glad to report his platelet count had normalised and his anaemia had fully resolved.

AJ will need to have regular checks to ensure his platelet count remains normal and his dose of medications will be slowly weaned.

AJ in the hospital

 AJ with his owner

AJ with his feline friend

A happy AJ sunning himself in the hills