• Plant a Tree 2022 | Cave Veterinary Specialists

tree 4 copyRefer a patient and we’ll plant a tree

At Cave we’re launching a tree planting initiative to help fight climate change.

Starting in January and running throughout the year, we will plant a tree for the first patient referred to us from every practice we work with. What’s more, we will then plant another tree for every subsequent 10 cases they send.

Working with all our partnering vets across the whole year, we’re hoping to plant a significant number of trees in projects throughout the South West.

Working towards a better tomorrow

Last year we took massive steps in reducing our carbon footprint. These include:

  • a 27% reduction in clinical waste
  • a 26% reduction in general waste
  • a 13% reduction in electricity usage
  • an overall rection in our carbon footprint of 27%

As part of our initiative, the planting of hundreds of trees for cases referred to us will further offset the carbon used by clients when they travel to us and for their pet’s treatment whilst here.

tree 1 copyHospital director Claire Lawrence said: “It’s an exciting new project and we’re really looking forward to seeing it literally grow in the year ahead”.

We’ve teamed up with the national, not-for-profit online organisation eForests who will oversee the planting for us. Run almost entirely by volunteers, all profits help fund tree planting projects nationwide.

The natural habitats we will help create will further support native wildlife and bio-diversity, as well as provide idyllic spaces for local communities to explore. This tree planting campaign is just one of a range of initiatives at Cave that supports sustainability and in 2021, enabled us to achieve our Investors in the Environment Silver accreditation.

Throughout the year, we will issue each practice with a PDF certificate to show how many trees they have helped us plant and their contribution to creating new woodland habitats.

We look forward to partnering with vets and pet owners on this exciting initiative as we work towards a better tomorrow for all of us.