I am so pleased with how you helped Chalky. Your set-up is brilliant and I only wish that you were nearer to us. I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff there, especially Tom Cave.

Mrs Price
Diagnostic Facilities

Diagnostic Facilities



Digital radiography in a large imaging suite with state-of-the-art image processing software.


Our GE Vascular fluoroscopy unit allows us to perform dynamic contrast radiographic studies in patients with swallowing disorders and vascular malformations like portosystemic shunts and arterio-venous malformations.  It also allows us to perform interventional radiology procedures such as tracheal and urethral stenting and chemo-embolization . Please see example below


Dedicated spacious Endoscopy room with video endoscopes including bronchoscope and gastroscopy facilities - see examples below:


Separate Ultrasound room, featuring full colour flow echocardiography and spectral Doppler capabilities which allow for cardiac, abdominal and oncological examinations. We are also able to carry out percutaneous ultrasound-guided biopsy of lesions and organs.


We have facilities to undertake electrocardiography procedures including static and ambulatory recordings of heart rate and rhythm within the hospital and at the patient's home.  We have electromyography to enable us to record the electrical activity in muscles and nerves for investigation of neuromuscular disorders.

Electro physiology
Electro physiology



  • In house allowing for prompt results
  • Biochemistry testing
  • Haematology testing
  • Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • We use several external specialist laboratories for comprehensive clinical pathology and histopathology testing

A courier service to an external laboratory is available twice daily.


We have an on-site, veterinary specific, high field Hallmarq PetVet MRI scanner available 24/7 for imaging patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.